How does Secure3 ensure better audit quality?

Secure3 ensures a better audit quality through:

  1. Incentive model

  2. Auditor matching

  3. Transparent and iterative severity standard

  4. Rigorous and consistent grading and appeal standard

Incentive Model

  1. Secure3's incentive model rewards auditors with better performances that find more severe and unique issues and provide more constructive and actionable fix suggestions. More details in Incentive Model

  2. Secure3's auditor selection model matches auditors with a more relevant background and consistent performance, more details in Auditor Matching.

Auditor Matching

  1. We carefully match auditors according to your project features and auditors' technical expertise and performance track record.

  2. To learn more details about how auditors are selected for your contest please see: Participate in Contest

  3. We can also customize auditor selection based on the project's need

Transparent Severity Standard

We aim to build a transparent and iterative severity standard that facilitates collective improvement through community feedback. Security standard is no longer a monopoly, but an inclusive open platform that everyone can learn from and contribute to:

  • Learn more details about how to define different severity on Severity Standard

  • Submit your feedback and suggestions to the severity:

Rigorous and Consistent Grading

  1. We do all the grading internally to ensure our grading is consistent and fully obliged to our severity standard

  2. Projects and auditors are welcome to provide constructive feedback on all the grading and rating

  3. Our internal team will navigate through all the technical debates, discussions, and consolidations

We will also open our issue severity database in the future, stay tuned. Follow our Twitter for the latest updates.

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