Participate in Contest

Participating in the Open Contest

  1. All signed-up auditors will be notified when an open contest is live. The open contests will be visible on

  2. Auditors can participate and submit issues for open contests

Participating in the Intelligent Contest

  1. Certified auditors will be invited to participate in the intelligent audit contest based on their preferences and performance track record.

  2. The invited auditors can choose to participate in the contest or decline it.

To learn more about out the auditors are selected for the intelligent contests, please read more on Auditor Matching.

Submit Issues

  1. Before submitting your issue, please review the submission policy

  2. How to submit your findings:

    1. Go to the audit contest page

    2. Click the Submit Issue Button to submit your issue

  3. Please submit all your findings before the contest deadline, the submit button will disappear when the deadline passes

  4. Do not submit your findings as issues in the code repo shared with you, it will disclose your findings to other participants.

  5. Remember to submit issues on the contest detail page on the Secure3 website! Failing to do so will result in your submission data being lost.

Understand Grading

  1. All submissions will be initially reviewed by Secure3's internal security team and passed to the projects' engineering team for secondary review and verification.

  2. The severity of the issue is assessed from two dimensions: the degree of damage and the difficulty of exploitation. Please refer to Severity Standard for more details.

  3. The Secure3 team will honor client feedback and judgment, but will also maintain technical neutrality in the evaluation process.

Why does the Secure3 team do the gradings internally?

  1. To ensure a speedy and consistent turnaround for both projects and auditors

  2. To more effectively and efficiently navigate through the technical debates, discussions, and consolidations

Appeal for Disagreement

  • We invite all participants to review and assess our final contest grades. Should you have any concerns, we encourage you to submit appeals along with meaningful and constructive feedback whenever possible.

  • When the contest finding results are reverted to auditors, the appeal button will show up at the right of the submission page.

  • You can also appeal the submissions of other auditors, but each submission grants only one appeal opportunity, and the final interpretation resides with Secure3.

Get Your Rewards

  1. Once all the appeals have been resolved, the final rewards will be shared with participants and ready to distribute.

  2. We do rewards distribution in a monthly manner. At the beginning of each month, we will distribute rewards for all contests that are finalized.

  3. Learn more about the details at Get Your Rewards.

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