A healthy and growing auditor community is the cornerstone of Secure3's efforts to build a more transparent and secure Web3. For Secure3, it is important to ensure that all auditors, regardless of their background, are provided with:

  1. Equal opportunities to access Secure3 Audit Contests

  2. Measurement under a fair, consistent, transparent, and constructive technical evaluation standard

  3. Rewards that appropriately match the efforts and results of their contributions

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How to Become an Auditor

There are two types of audit contests on the Secure3 platform:

  1. Open Contest: any registered auditors can participate

  2. Intelligent Contest: only matched and invited auditors can participate

Secure3 mainly focuses on intelligent contests, the main reasons are:

  1. To make audit contests more accessible for a broader project base

  2. To reduce excessive competition, ensuring ROI for participants

We are diligently refining our unique approach to ensure that more auditors can earn rewards more efficiently. Given the reason above, the Secure3 platform recognizes auditors into various categories:

CategoryWhat do you need to do?Features


  1. Create your account on the Secure3 platform:

  2. Login to your account and set up your profiles at:

    1. Try to put in as much relevant experience as possible

  1. Notified when there are new audits

  2. Notified when there are updates

  3. Can submit issues for open contests

Certified Auditor

  1. Based on the profile and your public record, auditors will be invited to be certified by a Secure3 team member

  1. Get invited to intelligent contests based on auditor matching

  2. Choose to participate in the invited contest or not

How to Become a Certified Auditor

Certified auditors will get chance to participate invite-only Intelligent Contest. To be certified, you need:

  1. Prove that you have an established track record on auditing. You can do so by:

    1. Participate more Secure3 Open Contest to establish your competency

  2. Sign a mutual NDA with Secure3 as for most invite-only contests, clients prefer auditors with confidentiality. Signing an NDA would require your:

    1. Real Name

    2. Email

    3. ID Number

    4. We don't store any of the data, you only need to fill it once on the E-Sign PDF send via eversign.

  3. Once you complete the certification process, you will be invited to Intelligent Contests based on your preferences and client's preferences.

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