Get Your Rewards

Before we distribute rewards, there are three key steps for auditors:

  1. Verify grading results, and file an appeal if you disagree. More details on how to appeal

  2. Confirm your wallet address and your reward

Tax Verification Process

The managing company of Secure3 (OpenZoo Tech, Inc.) is incorporated in the US and regulated by the IRS. Per IRS requirements, before we distribute the rewards, you are required to fill in either W8BEN or W9 forms to identify your residence. W9 is for US residents, and W8BEN is for internationals. The form only needs to be completed every 3 years unless you have a residence change. The information will be collected on the forms are:

  1. Name

  2. Date of birth

  3. Country of residence

  4. Mailing address

  5. TIN (W9) or foreign tax ID (W8BEN)

Secure3 will not store any of your private data in our system. The information will be collected via an IRS-certified service provider Learn more about the W8BEN or W9 forms:

Form Samples - How to Fill?


Reward Distribution

The reward will be distributed on a monthly basis at the beginning of each month for all the finalized (graded, reviewed, and appeal completed) contests.

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